VapCap NonaVonG

VapCap NonaVonG


VapCap vaporizers are renowned for their production of pure steam. The NonaVong adds an extra touch to this winning formula. With a central tapered body at 14mm it fits perfectly into your favorite bubbler.

VapCap Vaporizer

The VapCaps are small and discrete vaporizers that operate without the use of electronic components or batteries. They are stored in a tube that does not leak odors, for an extra discreet transport. It is possible to use VapCaps for vaporization of resins and concentrates, as well as of course grass.

The material is heated to a temperature of around 170 – 220 ° C.

NonaVonG mouthpiece is integrated in the central section. Available in different varieties of wood.

NonaVonG-S has a wooden mouthpiece that rotates. Choose between a standard or exotic wood mouthpiece.

Handmade in the United States