No Name

No Name

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  • packs of 2 gr
  • CBD 10,70%
  • THC 2,810 mg/g



No name is a hemp genetics that develops large and very very compact buds rich in
rust-colored trichomes. Close relative of the Gianicolo, it gives very particular inflorescences.
We like to understand it as the reserve of a great wine, a product that for the particular
seasoning and tanning is unique in its kind. A process that enhances the particular notes
aromatic gifts from its genetics. Terpenes like Mircene dominate the scene
brings an aromatic spectrum with a strong prevalence of earthy and musky cues, well balanced by
a light spicy, almost peppery. In the mouth it can bring to mind dried fruit
accompanied by final woody hints. Spending time with the No Name is like
enjoy a walk in an autumn forest, which can only be the queen.
Let yourself be intoxicated by the scents of the undergrowth.

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