King Kong

King Kong

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  • packs of 1 and 2 gr
  • THC 4,742 mg/g
  • CBD 13,66 %

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As soon as the long breeding phase was over, we were immediately amazed by the exceptional robustness and grandeur of the plant, characterized by a prevalently sativa genetics. Its inflorescences are massive, with huge and compact buds and large and very very resinous cones. Just bring the nose closer to the flower and be pleasantly intoxicated by an intense musky aroma. All accompanied by an aromatic and gustative range is completed by a swirl of earthy, woody and floral scents on the finish. Meeting King Kong will not scare you, rather it will cause an instantaneous and decided relaxation, thanks to its 13.66% CBD!

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1 g, 2 g