Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice

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  • packs of 1 and 2 gr
  • THC 3,368 mg / g
  • CBD >8,50; <12,10



Our continuous search for increasingly valuable genetics has led us to discover a new strain that stands at the top of the Canapando selections.
Fruit Juice on a visual and olfactory level has few equals in the landscape of CBD inflorescences.
The buds are very beautiful and developed, gathered in gnarled peaks of a beautiful light green.
But what is impressive is the large number of orange trichomes, a real carpet that leaves little space in the green of the glasses.
On the nose it is intensely fruity, in some ways similar to blueberry, but it differs slightly, coming closer to red fruits.
Raspberry but above all strawberry are the masters at olfactory level and not only, constituting a real delight. A juice of red fruits for your well-being.

It is grown indoors, controlled using cutting-edge nursery gardening techniques with 100% organic fertilizers,

does not contain pesticides heavy metals or substances harmful to humans or the environment.

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1 g, 2 g