California Orange

California Orange

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<li><strong> packs of 2, 4 and 10 gr </strong></li>
<li>Total CBD&gt; 9.00% &lt;15.00</li>
<li>THC total 0.40%</li>

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When we conceived the Janiculum, we thought of something new,
a product that must take the best from different genetics without recognizing itself in one.
The result is an extremely prolific plant, with a high level of CBD,
which repaid us at the phenotypic level with very abundant and dense buds.
The peaks are quite firm, clear and tending to orange, thanks to the high number of mature trichomes.
The aromatic range varies from floral scents to an interesting note that fills the mouth adequately and persistently.
A unique product like the Gianicolo and Trastevere, the splendid area in which we grew up and in which we are inextricably linked.
It is grown indoors, controlled using nursery gardening techniques, with 100% organic fertilizers,
does not contain pesticides heavy metals or substances harmful to humans or the environment.

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1 g, 2 g