Canapando was born in 2015 from the passion and love we have always lavished on this world and especially on this plant that man has known since ancient times. Cannabis has suffered discrimination and prejudice because of ignorant prohibition and world power lobbies; now it is reborn, and it is possible to rediscover and appreciate all its properties and its multiple uses in the industrial, agricultural, food, social and medical fields.

For us this is an interest started since adolescence and grew over the years, spent cultivating in domestic environments to deepen the knowledge of the plant and to satisfy its personal needs, thus freeing us from street pusher and local mafia and hoping one day to make our favorite hobby a real job.

It all started with a small neighborhood grow-shop in the Monteverde area of ​​Rome, when, after work, we had free time to dedicate ourselves to our greatest passion: cultivation.

The first opportunity came in 2014 in Spain, a country that has cutting-edge regulation in Europe on cannabis consumption and cultivation. There he starts a collaboration with an important Cannabis Social Club in Seville, which allows us to practice refining all cultivation techniques on a larger scale.

The turning point came in 2017 when it was possible to start working with the Cannabis light and CBD inflorescences. The main problem we encountered from the beginning was the quality of the genetics presented to us by Italian and foreign companies. In fact we did not find inflorescences decent enough to be able to make ours, that could have the mark Canapando.

For us who are lovers of the plant before being a businessman, a quality of the inflorescences was a priority and the first CBD inflorescences were not at the height of a true connoisseur or enthusiast. Not satisfied, so we didn’t limit ourselves to viewing the genetics that we were proposing, but we put ourselves actively in search of products and genetics that could satisfy our tastes and our expectations. We had understood that we had to cultivate on our own, independently, without relying on new businessmen or local farmers who know little about Cannabis and cannabis culture.

Today Canapando is one of the leading companies in Rome, increasingly expanding in the national territory with regard to Cannabis light.

We have gone from a small neighborhood growshop to a brand that boasts a 1.7-hectare farm with 9000 square meters of greenhouses and about 300 square meters of indoor space for the cultivation of almost all of our genetics, two franchises in Catania and Campobasso, four shops in Rome in the Monteverde area, Pigneto, Trionfale, Garbatella, as well as two other premises that are in the pipeline in the historic center of Rome. Not only that, in the project there is the acquisition of a large covered space dedicated only to artificial light cultivation.

The CBD inflorescences had the great merit of making the world of Cannabis known to large sections of the population. For enthusiasts like us, this is a great opportunity to inform and explain the reasons that led for years to harass Cannabis and its consumers. For this reason, in all our shops, it is essential to communicate and inform before selling for us, educating the plant culture instead of the buzz culture.


All our products travel in a confidential manner


100% legal, with a THC content lower than the legal limits.


Our products come from 100% natural and organic crops, all followed by certifications.


We are always working to guarantee you the best GENETICS available on the market.